This will be my last post; I promise. I got motivated though to upload their album, they're called
Fort Minor & they are awesome. It's like Linkin Park because of Mike S. but kinda better since it's a whole new sound.

Back Home

Believe Me

Be Somebody


Feel Like Home

Get Me Gone

The Hard Way

High Road


In Stereo

^*Another sad song but the only song I've heard written about WWII, it's real


Red To Black

Remember the Name
^*the first song i heard by them and fell in love

Right Now

Slip Out The Back

There They Go

They They Go (Green Latern Mix)

Where'd You Go
^*my favorite one, if you can dl only one dl this one!******************

you're my best friend so i tell you this

so it was boring but then it got tons better after i went to the library to work on business ec with molly. lauren was there too because she needed a ride to allie's later. we finished and went to my house where we walked my dog. they love my dog =D lol. then we went to wal-mart because that's such a place of fun. lol at least i got the stupid umbrella situation out of the way. ughhh. met up with jaime who drives now =O omg... seems like everyone was there because we saw rach too. then we went to allie's and ate her soupee. allie's was soo much fun. it was great seeing everyone on the team together for one more time anyways. we basically ate and pigged out. also played that finger game where you put down a finger if you've done something. ughh i almost beat lauren m. =P i told lauren g. to pretend to punch me for a picture but you know what she does? she actually punches me. lmfao. betty caught it on camera haha.

so anyways, i love them girls. i'm gonna miss them like hell next year. i hope they win tons and tons =) sooo most of us left by 9. went home and did "work". oh goodness.

today./POWDERPUFF GAME/ (COLOR DAY!-you wear your powderpuff colors, Srs = Red, Jrs = Black, So = Blue, & Fr = White)

got to school and met up with the StuCo kids (as in just gene, rach, sam, and chels. i wish my fellow officers would take things more seriously... this is bothering me.) to collect cans at 7:05. turns out my job didn't take that long because the senior class managed to collect a whoping 9 cans! =O go us. sweet. we're so dang cheap. grrr. lindsay rice let me borrow her cleats because she's so cool! i got my powderpuff shirt and sweats in homeroom so i finally looked like part of the time after homeroom. wahoo.

1st period was the cap&gown assembly which took a total of 10 minutes. which means we missed bowling for nothing and since they had already left we couldn't go. sooo us cool seniors, chels, chris, linds, and i, went to the library. chris had me take this online quiz about politics? and i'm in the upper left hand quadrant. basically i believe in the government. i don't believe it's correct.

2nd period was enviro and we watched movies the whole period. awesome. finished the human population video (blame the chinese) and then started winged migration. the room was so, bloody, COLD. it was unbelievable. the whole class was wearing red! that was awesome... but then again there's only 8 of us. i confessed to loosing the GIANT BAG of recyclables. it's because i'm a good person whose too afraid to get caught. i believe i'm on her hit list again =( good bye a.

lunch was spent arguing with dora about stuff. sigh. i'm a pathetic loser at this stuff. oh well. lmfao i asked brandon to be my back up guy for prom just in case. hahaha he said yes. LMFAO. it's good to have back ups =P

3rd period was yet another study hall because miss. smith wasn't there. no band! soooo walked all the way over to babcock only to discover that i could go to the library. then walked back to the library. but before doing that, stopped by business ec to grab my t-shirts, gave dennis his, and then went to the library where i proceded to create the yearbook ad for student council. definately going to take credit for this idea: have a center image for the ad and then have the members sign it! i'm a genius. mike and i are ok, surprisingly enough. he helped me with the ad on word so now i know alot more then i use to. also got my paperwork for the building usage. ahhh i need to get on this.

4th period was my first real class. english. joy. took notes and acted out macbeth. i was baqoun (sp). i was macbeth's sidekick, who was played by ricky. i totally got kevin with that circle finger game haha. he's like "woah totally didn't expect that." yes, i'm just cunning like that =D

afterwards we had an officers meeting for international club. that went super, we got loads done. even i'm shocked at what mrs. butler said, that we were suppose to get that thing done when she had said she would do it. geez. that is the #1 scenario that i absolutely despise- having something blow up in your face without any control at all and then knowing that you're not wrong. geez. how could 5 people be wrong? anyways, we got alot done.

then went home for an hour. then drove dennis and myself back to the school because seniors had to meet at 4:30 to run over plays i guess. i love wearing cleats- they're so cool! (thanks so much linds!) they're so fun to walk around in, you make noise! and then you can make holes in the dirt. it was pretty cold at first but then it warmed up... then got cold when it started to rain.

we took our yr book picture, warmed up, then left to make our big entrance. we all piled into the back of amy p.'s mom's moving van and made loads of noise as we drove up. i thought it was really different but the juniors kind of out did us buy arriving in rachel m.'s biggg bus thing. woah. all they had was a horn though. impressive. first game is always srs vs. the sos and we won. i believe it was what, 20 something to 7? then the jrs dominated the poor freshmen like 27 to 0. then it was finally the srs and the jrs... and guess what: srs won for the 2nd time in a row. it's our 2nd time winning the annual powderpuff game. amazing. that means the honor of being number 1 as well as money for our class. sweet. even though i'm not part of their group... i felt so proud to be on the team. people forgot the boundaries and just had fun which is what it's all about. once it was over though, i didn't go with them over to coach's house to celebrate. naw, went home instead to work on posters, eat, and watch degrassi- all time favorite show. we're suppose to wear our shirts tomorrow lol. hmmm. so yeah... i'll never forget powderpuff.

melissa m. was there and she gave me cardboard to make a corey's car out for the pep rally skit. omfg... she almost hit people twice. she drives like 20 m/hr in a TINY parking lot. (the old senior one) geezus. i watched her leave and she almost hit that guy and my brother walking across. geezus. i wasn't the only one who like muffled a scream. unbelievable! i don't get her sometimes. today at lunch she tugged at my hair which is a sign that she's a friend because that's just what some friends do. but then at the game she rolled her eyes at me! wtf! she's stepping over me once again and i do nothing about it. geezus! what's wrong with me! lately, i've been letting it get to me how people think i'm quiet. it's annoying. i never really realized it but people whom i'm not associated with believe i'm a quiet and shy thing. and now i think omfg maybe i am! shit! but i don't want to be!

tomorrow i will make a change. i will speak in an english accent if i have to act out macbeth. i will stand up to everyone in pep club and show em i'm loud. i will BE LOUD!

at least my friends know the real me. i wish my mom would stop obsessing about my room. i apologize for being a slob. i apologize for needing space to do my posters. i realize that i'm creating a mess. so please stop nagging! geez.

i keep going to bed past midnight on school nights. this habit must die! didn't do my hw for tonight but i will do it before the meeting tomorrow. for my pep club posters, i think i'm done. i'm not really sure. i like corey's poster, it's cute. sam's came along. ?'s is my favorite. i really like corey's locker poster, it's different. now i have to buy candy, red paint, paint corey's car, decorations, and i'm done like woah. finally. all of this must be done before 5:30 tomorrow. great.

i keep using up gas like woah. mom gave me 30$ to fill it up like 4 days ago and it's gone. gone! so i guess that's it. livejournal is like a pensive for me. as in harry potter =P where would i be without it? all of these messy thoughts in my head =P

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That's slightly better =D

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=D I'll try this for a while

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To Chelsea
Chels... all I can say is LOL

My mouth dropped when I saw that picture from Washington... eeee I'M WEARING GLASSES! Lmfao.

i love you haha


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Good night. 5 more days.

June 15th - Baccalaureate
June 17th - Graduation ****$$$ handed in to me for Relay for Life
June 20th - International Club downtown dinner
June 24th/25th - RELAY FOR LIFE
June 25th - Summer Pops
June 26th - [wishful thinking]
June 27th - Student Council Party at Hartley's
June 30th - First guitar lesson?!? =D


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